Thursday, April 5, 2007

April Fool!

My April Fool's Day gag was pretty ho-hum; everybody that saw my "super-size knitting needles" is pretty much accustomed to seeing me trying things that are "different" - so nobody really suspected that they were anything other than what I said they were. Or does that mean my gag worked really well?
Anyhoo, my new "needles" are actually a pair of Molechasers. The idea is to insert four D batteries in each and plant them in the ground. They vibrate and emit an obnoxious buzz about every 15 seconds (like those pagers everyone had before cellphones took over the world) and they are supposed to drive away those little critters that are destroying the lawns in my neighborhood. Hope it works.

By the way, I frogged the scarf. I was beginning to like it, but those needles were just too awkward to manipulate.

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