Thursday, May 10, 2007

How many Colorsburgs are there?

I just had this off-the-wall thought about the coincidence of recent tragedies in towns whose names begin with a color and end with "-sburg". So, naturally, I googled "blacksburg knitting" and "greensburg ks knitting" and found that each city has a group accepting knitted squares with which to make afghans.Just in case you wanted to know, or have a yen to knit or crochet squares...

The Greensburg project has no color preference, but my brain says green for Greensburg:

The Blacksburg project prefers Hokie school colors of maroon, burnt orange, black, and white:

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this!! I did the same thing! I was getting ready to start my square for Blacksburg when this tornado happened. I thought Gosh, who is doing an afghan project for Greensburg? Hm. I couldn't find one. Looks like it's gonna be me, huh? Thank you so much for the links. :)