Saturday, August 11, 2007

Interesting Times

It has been an "interesting" week, to say the least. I could write pages and pages about each day, but I think I won't. At least not all, and not now.
Think of this as an outline:
Sunday I spent a pleasant afternoon with cousins Jan, Beth, and Joyce, and Aunt Pauline.
Monday morning I attended the funeral of a man I never met.
Monday evening three small boys mowed my front yard.
Tuesday evening cousin Joyce and I experienced a miracle, then went to see Bourne Ultimatum.
Wednesday evening my son-in-law mowed my back yard and re-mowed my front yard.
Thursday morning I was visited by two firemen, two city workers, and one excellent plumber.
Friday was almost uneventful.
I can't wait to see what Saturday holds.


  1. gotta elaborate on these..specially the fireman, plumber etc...Granny H.

  2. Miracle? Fireman? Police?

    C'mon, spill it!