Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Doggerel

Four AM Christmas Day, and all through the house
Are so many WIPs I feel like a louse.
Though most of my gift list was truly unspoken
The ones incomplete feel like promises broken.

One goal, handknit socks for each of my loved ones;
I finished two pair for four daughters* and two for four sons*.
I started a scarf and a pair of warm mitts.
One, I can finish, but the other's the pits.

Presents are wrapped-- except one that's back-ordered
And due in on Thursday--hope I can afford it.
The sheet cake is baked, iced, and well covered,
Green beans are casseroled, with mushroom soup smothered.

I sewed one more stocking for a significant other
Too late, remembered Little Man's expected new brother.
I have too many ideas and not enough time
But I always remember just how blessed that I'm!

(*I'm taking LOTS of poetic license here--!)

Merry Christmas, and God bless you one and all!


  1. I wish I could talented and write like that! (btw, glad that you updated!) Hope to see you soon! MG

  2. Hi Sue,

    I just got caught up with you on your blog. Your life sounds similar to mine, always busy. I do mostly the same things each week. But I am thinking of doing my own blog, like yu said, it can be like a diary to the person who writes it. Who knows if I will accomplish it though as I have been thinking about it for a year now! I guess that I am all thought and no action on a lot of things.


  3. Hi Sue...
    Good to catch up on you through your blog....I am thinking of doing my own blog as well, but dont know that I have the right words to make it interesting like you do!
    Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!
    Cousin Donna

  4. Hi Sue!

    Amanda and I missed you at Knit-In Saturday!