Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lost week

From March 16 to March 19 ... 

I woke up Monday morning with a scratchy throat - just like three weeks ago, and again a month or so before that. 

Tuesday morning it was a little worse, with obvious sinus drainage. I decide to call my doctor for an appointment right away, instead of waiting and hoping it would clear up on its own. Got in to see him Tuesday afternoon, by which time I was feeling much worse. He prescribed me yet another round of antibiotics (stronger each time, with me thinking about this bug building up its immunity) plus a decongestant.

Usually when I make an appointment with my doctor, his staff will tell me they can work me in, but I may have to wait a while. So far - in the last 20 or 30 years I've been seeing him - that usually means 10 or 15 minutes. Not so this time - it's Spring Break! Most of the other doctors in this clinic have escaped for ski trips or whatever. I spent over an hour in the hallway, with the overflow from his office lobby.
Two unhappy toddlers, with their irritated and irritating young mother complaining into her cell phone, just about drove me away with their whining and crying. I was relieved, as were all the others waiting, when a cheerful and competent young mother with two ill but otherwise contented toddlers arrived. She sat in the middle of the floor and played with all four children. I wanted to give her a medal. After the whiny crew were called in to see the doctor, another patiently waiting patient rewarded the good mommy by insisting she and her little ones go next in line, ahead of the adults.

So for my 3:45 appointment, I got in about 5:00 and was out by 5:20 with two prescriptions in hand.

I wearily drove down the street to Homeland, where the pharmacy has a convenient drive up window, and turned in the prescriptions. The lady said it would take about 15 minutes. Too long to wait at the window, and just about long enough to go home and come right back, so I drove to a shady spot and worked on a crossword puzzle. (Didn't even feel up to knitting - and still don't want to think that hard.) 

Went back to be told they were able to fill one prescription, but they were out of the other. My options were to let them order it and pick it up the next afternoon, or go somewhere else to have it filled. Didn't want to deal with that hassle, so I said to just order it for me.

Drove home and was almost in my garage when I remembered that I had a book on reserve to pick up at the library. Headed out again, and was halfway there when the pharmacy called me. They did have the second medication, had overlooked it on the shelf. Did I still want it? Yes! 

Went on to the library. Had to park the car and go inside - no way around that. Looked at the new book shelf on my way to the service desk and found two new books by old favorite authors - John Sandford and John Harvey. Harvey has finally written another Charlie Resnick novel after a hiatus of several years! So I got those, plus the Anna Zilboorg hat book I had reordered, paid my dollar for overdues. 

Went back to the pharmacy window, paid for the second prescription, then finally made it home about 6:30.

I thought about calling to let my pals know that I was not going to our knit-night at Borders, but I fell asleep before I could decide who to call first. Woke up about 8 and took my meds.

Stayed home Wednesday, read and slept a lot. 

Got up Thursday morning, got ready for work, started out to my car and realized I really didn't feel well enough to drive to work, much less be there and try to focus on anything. Called in sick and went back to bed.

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