Monday, January 25, 2010

free verse

hi how's your day going? mine was okay,
not any more frustrating than has been typical lately

until one of my people came in my office
to tell me something she thought I was doing wrong
with the work I took off her hands because she couldn't keep up

because I'm not doing it the same way she has always done it

I tried to blow it off and say okay that's fine
and she kept at me until I asked her what difference it made

and she said that's the way I taught her to do it
she doesn't remember all the changes from where it began

and I tried to explain that I will do it my way
and that it's okay too to do it her way

she did what she does and talked over me so she couldn't hear me
telling me why we are supposed to do it her way

then I asked her if she had ever heard the expression "teach your grandmother to suck eggs" and she went away mad

and now I'm trying to calm myself down

sometimes I wish I were a smoker

or a drinker

or had a rewind button

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