Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday

It took me a while to get motivated today, but I finally finished something! Actually two somethings - I started them a week or two ago, but had to keep going back to my favorite toy stores (Home Depot and Hobby Lobby) for more stuff.
I haven't even sanded it or swept up the sawdust yet, but I had to show off my YarnSwift.v1, patterned after the CraftyGirl's yarn swift. (I may have more versions to come - I keep thinking of ways I'd rather do certain parts.)

The pegs on the arms of this swift are doll pins, held in place by doll pin stands. The stands are glued to the arms, and the pins are removeable. Thanks, Anna - you got me looking in this department at HL when I made those spindles!

I made another one with dowel rods in holes, but technical difficulties are still hindering that one. I was unable to find wood in the dimensions I wanted (1" x 1") so I could drill the holes only halfway through, so I settled for thinner wood (actual size 1.25" x 0.25") and drilled all the way through. Now I need to figure out how to keep those pegs in place and have them still be removable. I will propably attach another layer of the same size underneath.

Oh, yeah - remember that Carpenter's Mantra, "measure twice, cut once"? I would like to add, "buy twice as much material as you think you'll need, because you'll need it."

Now I can wind all that yarn I've recently added to my stash . . . and I can start over on my Mystery Stole 3. I like a challenge, but laceweight merino with #10 seed beads? That's more than I am ready to take on. I'm regrouping to start again with fingering weight and #8 beads. Pix later - nothing to show yet.

I did finish a washcloth for the gift project that Anita is organizing - I'll say no more in case it's a surprise to the "giftees", but here's my modest contribution. Hope the loop is not inappropriate. The pattern is Traveling Vine Cloth by Smariek Knits.
I'm also making a pair of socks for a certain young gentleman in my family, in baby cashmerino, working them both at the same time on one circular needle. I'm halfway through the gusset and I've only gotten lost once, so I feel pretty good about it! I'm using Stephanie Pearl-McFee's recipe in Knitting Rules! for a general guide.


  1. Too cool! I can't wait to see what the next swift looks like.

    I didn't rip the lace weight stole, but I did start another one today in a sport/dk weight alpaca. It goes *much* faster.

  2. The washcloth is beautiful. If you still want to donate it, I'll add it to the "Literacy Basket" for the auction.

  3. Your knitting projects are very interesting. I do not knit myself so do not know some of the terms but I still enjoy reading about it. It is nice to look into someone else's world :-)