Friday, July 27, 2007

Thinking Swiftly, Again

Results of Sunday's project, pictured here:

After I realized that not all skeins are created equal, I added another set of peg sockets to YarnSwift v1. Hope the palm prints on my forehead aren't permanent. In the picture on the right, below, you may notice the yarn forms a diamond rather than a square - I used two middle pegs and two inner pegs to take up the slack that you see in the picture on the left. It wobbles a bit in action, but it still works.
Oops, that's Version 2 in that picture on the right. Same concept, though.
I added more spacers below the arms to make room for the wobble.

By this time I knew that I will want even more options on the spacing, so I drilled more holes in the arms of YarnSwift v2, then cut and glued some thin pieces to put bottoms on the holes. I found some unused trim wood just in time to keep me from cutting up my yardstick. (Click to enlarge, if you like.)

Both versions work, but I'm not really satisfied. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett. There will be a Version 3!

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  1. I think that you may be on the track to having an invention worth getting a patent on. What do you think? I admire your resourcefulness and gutsy getting things done like laying flooring, putting a swing together, etc.