Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Thought

Whatever happened to "of"?
We used to say "a couple of gallons" or "a couple of dollars" and so forth.
For the past couple of years or so, from all I hear on TV or read in the newspaper, there must be a shortage of "ofs". They say "a couple days" or "a couple miles" which just sounds wrong to me.
And then there's "done" instead of "finished."
I'm done. Poke me with a fork.


  1. I agree with you about the decline in proper usage of the language. I grew up the daughter of an English teacher and was "gently" reminded when ever I made an error. Have you red "Eats Shoot and Leaves"? I think you would enjoy it if you haven't.

    I just discovered your blog and was looking through past posts. I also belong to the six sock kal. I knitted the horcrux when the pattern was first posted in Susan's blog as a worsted weight pattern and since then I have made 3 more pairs!! One pair was for me but the other 2 were for my daughter who is a Potter fan.

  2. LOL!! I'd love to know what set that off...

  3. You are right, some words are being dropped in everyday use. I wonder how much text messaging has to do with this? I hear that it is messing up people's spelling since they use such shortened words to say what they want.